Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Interim RA/JC applications available now!

Interested in becoming an RA or JC for the month of January? We hire interim staff members each year to fill in for RAs and JCs who travel abroad.

An Interim RA or JC candidate must be a sophomore, junior or senior. Ask your friends who are RAs/JCs if they are going abroad and need a replacement, or ask your Area Coordinator for more info. For more information about the position - and to find an application - click HERE. Applications are due to your Area Coordinator by November 18, 2009.

Why should you apply?
  • The job is a fantastic thing to add to your resume - particularly if you are thinking of applying to be an RA or JC for the 2010-11 school year.
  • You get to meet a new group of people on the floor you serve...
  • You get to work with a staff of great people!
  • Being a staff member during interim is FUN!

If you are interested in applying but have some questions, contact your Area Coordinator or stop by the Res Life office and ask for Charlie (or call me - Charlie - at x3011 or email

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Session 1 Programming Award Winners!

Congratulations to the 2009-10 Session 1 Programming Award winners!!!

Kelsie Brust, Alica Gerry and Bryce Danielson (Hoyme) for "Extreme Scavenger Hunt."

Michael Lenz (Larson) for his bulletin board "How to save the Earth from an asteroid collision."

Stuart Kyllo (Rand) for his bulletin board "The Mathematics of Candyland."

George Arceneaux & Martin Shedd (Hill Kitt) for their elective program called "All About L.A.R.P."
Ben Brown and Aline Skogstoe (Ytterboe) for their "Star-Gazing" program. Ben was happy to accept the award on behalf of both of them...

Wes Franke (Thorson) for his bulletin board "Ten science experiments that changed the world."

Grace Wilkinson (Rand) also won an award for her bulletin board "What is medical amnesty?," but was not in attendance at the in-service to have her picture taken.

Thank you to ALL staff members for a great programming session. Keep up the great work!

Friday, October 16, 2009

National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week - October 19-23

Hey, this is Ross, the AC for Kildahl and Rand. I’m writing the first of a series of posts meant to make life as a student staff member a little easier for you as the year progresses. Last year, BORSC focused a lot of information and discussion around the topic of alcohol use by St. Olaf students. There have been many different responses to the student information. For example, you all stuffed magnets in each room explaining the medical amnesty policy. Your professional staff is focusing on student alcohol use through various activities within the Division of Student Life.

The next piece of information important to our response regarding alcohol use on this campus is coming up soon, the 2009 National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week. You’ve probably never heard about it because historically, the St. Olaf is on Fall Break during the week; however, this year’s academic calendar marks a change. The official dates are October 18-24. With Programming Session 2 already in full swing, we’d like you to join over 1000 colleges and universities across the country and help educate your residents about responsible alcohol use, the college’s alcohol policy, and/or other topics relating to alcohol use and misuse. Now, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel when trying to figure out what to do. There’s a plethora of resources already available to help you with programming. Also, it isn’t necessary for every single bulletin board to have an alcohol-related theme. Social activities, emails, bulletin boards, campus activities already happening, all-hall events, etc. are all ways you can help get the message across.

So, as you sit and think about what you’re going to be doing for and with your residents during Session 2, we ask that you take alcohol use into consideration. Make a fancy bulletin board using information from the websites listed below. Work with a couple of your fellow staff members to design an all-hall social on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night as an alternative for your residents. Hang some signs in your building about what to do if a fellow resident appears to have had too much to drink. Talk with a group of residents about not being “that guy” when out and about during the week. Take a look at the programming ideas in your binder. Bring a Public Safety officer to answer questions at your corridor/floor/stairwell meeting.

Remember, an activity doesn’t have to be labeled as “alcohol awareness” to be informative about alcohol. Sometimes, just a late night alternative is all residents need.

Like I said before, there are TONS of resources to check out for great information regarding alcohol use and misuse.

Please remember that students on this campus have been asking for this information. Take it upon yourself to be creative. You could save a life!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Res Life Blog

Hello Student Staff Members!

The St. Olaf Res Life blog has been around for awhile now. Over a year, in fact. Unfortunately, we haven't made very good use of it. Until now.

Over the next few months, we'll be posting - on a regular basis - some information that we hope enhances your ability to do your job as a student staff member. The Area Coordinators, Pamela and I will be creating some blog entries about topics and issues that you face on a daily basis. We hope to include some helpful information as well as some solid resources for you to use as you do your job.

I'll send out an email each time that the blog is updated. Visit often, use the info to help you plan programs and events, and feel free to comment on any of the postings. Your input is always welcome, too, so feel free to email me at with suggestions for posts. And if you have a great idea for a post, write something up and send it my way and I'll get it posted here!

Thanks and enjoy the blog!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Session 1 Programming Award Nominees

We had a very successful programming session to start the school year. Thank you for all of the work that you put in to making it a great first 5 weeks.

Congratulations to the Session 1 Programming Award Nominees! Your Area Coordinator nominated a program you put on for this award. Winners will be announced at the in-service on Wednesday, October 14 (at 7:00 p.m. in the Valhalla room).

The nominees are....
Best Bulletin Boards
Francine Boylan (Ytterboe) - "Antarctica"
Michael Lenz (Larson) - "How to save the Earth from an asteroid collision"
Hal Halvorson & Chris Leslie (Ell) - "Great study places on campus"
Grace Wilkinson (Rand) - "What is medical amnesty?"
Isaac Lewis-O'Connor & Conner Westby (Hill Kitt) - "Welcome to the 501st"
Jared Fisher (Thorson) - "Things you don't know about Chuck Norris"
Wes Franke (Thorson) - "10 science experiments that changed the world"
Elizabeth Mitchell (Thorson) - "The History of Epidemics"
Ben Henschel (Hoyme) - "Dihydrogen Monoxide"
Zach Hudson & Will Erickson (Hoyme) - "Churches in Northfield"
Stuart Kyllo (Rand) - "The Mathematics of Candyland"
Kevin McCollam & Brian Carroll (Kildahl) - "Study Spots on Campus"

Best Elective Programs
Mohn 8th & 9th floors - sand volleyball & pizza
Kayla Fredericksen & Amy Glasow (Mohn) - dinner & tour of campus
Emma Johanson (Mohn) - card-making
Alex White & Katelyn Larson (Kildahl) - Pinata
George Arceneaux & Martin Shedd (Hill Kitt) - All about L.A.R.P.
Michael Lenz (Larson) - Pizza rolls, conversation and games
Brenna Robinson (Larson) - brownie-making
Rand Hall RAs - All-hall Mac 'n Cheese night
Theresa Rabbass & Sarah Kogler - CEL Study Tips

Best All-Hall Programs
Ben Brown & Aline Skogstoe (Ytterboe) - Star-gazing
Kelsie Brust, Alica Gerry & Bryce Danielson (Hoyme) - Extreme Scavenger Hunt
Kildahl JC staff - "The Office" premiere event