Friday, December 12, 2008

Session 2 Programming Award Winners!

Thank you for a great second session of programming! There were LOTS of great programs this session.

We had many more nominations for the programming awards this session, which is a testament to the hard work you all did putting on fun and informative events for your residents.

Congratulations to the following award winners:

Bulletin Boards:

Joanna Cullen (Ytterboe) - 20 Ways to Love Your Body
Scott Grandt & Erik Akervik (Kildahl) - I Saw You on Facebook
Althea Allen (Rand) - Arctic Adaptations
Kate Helmich (Mohn) - The 6 New Food Groups
Micah Marty (Mellby) - The History of Moats

Hilleboe RAs (Nick, Gage and Grace) - Hilleboe Pancake Breakfast
Carrie Stillman (Ytterboe) - Gluten-Free Baking
Carrie Heiberg & Erin Shishilla (Ellingson) - Spray Paint T-Shirts
Anne Steeves (Hoyme) - Hoyme Girls' Night (with Alumni Guests)

All Hall Programs:
Katie Wisdom & Laura Kauffman (Kildahl) - JC Jeopardy
Thorson RAs (Stephen, Taylor, Pa Houa, Emily & Aline) - Veteran's Day Party
Katelyn Wright, Sarah Johnson & Brian Thompson (and Hill Kitt staff) - Hill Kitt No Sit All Night Party Right Techno Rave

All award winners received a certificate at the Res Life Holiday Party on Tuesday night. We'll announce the Session 3 Programming Awards during interim!

Good luck with finals!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Session 1 Programming Award Winners!

Thank you to all staff members for planning terrific programs during Session 1. There were tons of cool events and activities in the residence halls thanks to your efforts.

And congratulations to all the winners of Session 1 Programming Awards!

The top All-Hall Program of the session was given to the Kildahl JC staff for their "Homecoming Spirit Week." The Mohn JCs sponsored a Powderpuff Football Game for the women on 8th and 10th floors as one of their Elective Programs. The 9th floor men helped officiate and cheer. Pictured below are Kayla Johnson, Anne Higgins, Kathryn Thompson, Ty Robinson, Jonathan Woolums and Kate Helmich.

Another Elective Program award went to some of the Hill Kitt staff for their Campus-Wide Scavenger Hunt. Pictured below are the winners: Kelsey Finks, Andrew Fjerstad, Katelyn Wright and Abbey Holt. Not pictured are Ted Eschweiler and Nicole Smith.

The top Bulletin Board award-winners were Erin McHugh & Sarah Charleston from Hoyme, Jared Fisher from Mohn and Brian Thompson & Ryan Hoel from Hill Kitt.

Some photographic evidence of these great bulletin boards....

Erin & Sarah's "History of Halloween" board:

A couple of shots of Brian & Ryan's "Getting to Know Campus" board, complete with accurately timed distances between locations to help first-years find their way:

Unfortunately there are no pictures of Jared's "Accidental Inventions" bulletin board, but it was great!

Congratulations to all award winners and a big THANK YOU to all staff for their programming efforts during Session 1. You'll have the opportunity to nominate your fellow staff for program awards next session, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Student Staff Spotlight!

Student Staff Spotlight!: Aurora Vincent

Aurora Vincent is an Ytterboe RA. She's a senior from lovely Iowa City, Iowa. She lived in Mohn for two years, lived in an Honor House last year and is enjoying life in Ytterboe this fall.

Why did you decide to become an RA?

I wanted to meet a lot of new people. I have already met more than I thought I would!

What have you done to get to know the residents in your corridor?

We went and saw the NASA truck [during Homecoming week], and that was amazing. I like to walk around and talk to people.

What celebrity would you hire to play you in a movie about your life?

Sarah Michelle Gellar... because she was Buffy!

What has been the most rewarding part of your res life experience so far?
Getting to know people - I like the community and camaraderie that has developed.

What is the best program you have been a part of?

We did face painting for homecoming and the Ytterboe BBQ (it's a tie).

Describe your ideal meal.
Definitely home cooked. It would include fried chicken, mashed potatoes, lots of corn, and grapes. And black forest cake for dessert.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Student Staff Spotlight!

Every few weeks we'll spotlight a few staff members on the Res Life Blog. It's our way of recognizing the great work that you are doing in the halls. So keep checking back to find out what your fellow staff members are doing!

Our first "Student Staff Spotlight!" honorees are Ted Eschweiler & Andrew Fjerstad, who keep a watchful (but friendly) eye on their residents on the ground floor of Kittelsby.

Name: Ted Eschweiler & Andrew Fjerstad

1. Why did you decide to become a (JC/RA...)?
A: We actually both decided for the same reason. We were at the French House one night talking to our old JC Paul, who recommended that we become JCs. He said how fun it was, and that we would meet great people.

T: We had a great experience with Paul as our JC so that positively influenced us.

2. What have you done to get to know the residents in your corridor?

A: Corridor events, events with the females of Hill-Kitt… I like to just walk through the hall, even on my way to do laundry and see how the guys are doing.

T: I have spent a lot of time on StalkerNet to become familiar with their faces.

3. If you could be a part of any TV sitcom family, which would you choose?

T: The Bluths from Arrested Development. That would be hilarious to be a part of.

A: I wish The Office characters were a family. But since they aren’t, I have to say the Bluths too.

4. What has been the most rewarding part of your res. life experience so far?
A: Having our residents tell us they like us. We really mesh as a floor.

T: There is mutual acceptance and respect on our floor. So far so good!

5. What is the best program you have been a part of?
Although the Scavenger Hunt and Jesse James Days excursion were fun, nothing beats the Cheer War. Hill-Kitt was awesome, as were the other halls. It made the Kildahl Awkward Dance really fun too.

6. What kind of marine animal would you be and why?
T: [without hesitation] The Narwhal because it’s the unicorn of the sea.

A: Since Ted took my answer, I will say a manatee, because it’s big, cuddly, and friendly.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September 18 In-service

The Residence Life staff had it's first in-service on Thursday, September 18. Representatives from St. Olaf's Sexual Assault Resource Network (SARN) presented a session about the services they provide and how res life student staff can best serve as a resource for their residents.

90+ staff members, listening intently:

Members of the Ellingson staff discussing one of the scenarios given by the SARN representatives:
The Mellby & Thorson staffs working together:

The Rand staff is busy discussing the situations while Jay shows off his ice cream and buries his face in his armpit:
A whole bunch of staff members working in groups:

Monday, September 1, 2008


The Residence Life student staff is back! That's a lot of light blue t-shirts.... 97 staff members wearing their Res Life shirts and enjoying the first day of training.

"Week Zero" (the week of residence life training that happens just before Week One) was fantastic and the staff is ready for the year to start!

Welcome to the Res Life blog!

Welcome to the St. Olaf College Residence Life blog! Visit this page to find information about the Res Life program, read about upcoming events, find out how to apply to be on staff, and much more!