Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Training 2009

Some pictures from Spring Training 2009...

The Ellingson staff talking about expectations with Kate:

The Hill Kitt staff discussing their choices for their RA staff with Emily:

Ellingson staff members talking about their heroes:

The Hoyme staff hard at work during the RA staff selection exercise:

Mohn and Rand staffs. Chillin'.

The Larson & Mellby staffs talking about Heroes & Villains:

Ellie, Elizabeth, Jared, Wes & Emily discussing the RA selection exercise:

An intense Joe Kemper leading the Mellby & Hoyme staffs in Expectations Archery:

A possibly more intense Will McLean doing the same...

Andrew Fjerstad talking about Heroes & Villains with the Ytterboe staff:

Thank you for a great evening of Spring Training! The Student Hall Coordinators, Area Coordinators, Pamela and I (Charlie) very much look forward to a great year with you!

Have fun in your staff meetings over the next couple of weeks!

Session 4 Programming Awards

Congratulations to the Programming Award winners for Session 4!

The winners are...
All-Hall Programs:
Kelsey Lantz & Sarah Lebens (Mohn) - "Are you Smarter than a 5th-grader?"
Rand RA Staff - Slinky Races
Ellingson JC Staff - An Evening with Dr. Musil

Elective Programs:
Micah Marty & Laura Schmiedicke (Mellby) - Pinhole Cameras
Tara Ritter & Amy Belfi (Hoyme) - Field Trip to the Science Museum

Bulletin Boards:
Kate Helmich (Mohn) - Where in the World Do Oles Study?
Jared Fisher (Mohn) - Famous RAs
Erik Akervik & Scott Grandt (Kildahl) - Zombie Awareness

Kelsey, Kate & Sarah (from Mohn):

Representatives from the Ellingson staff:
Althea & Erin (from Rand):
Anna (from Ell) and Scott (from Kildahl):

Laura & Micah (from Mellby):