Friday, December 12, 2008

Session 2 Programming Award Winners!

Thank you for a great second session of programming! There were LOTS of great programs this session.

We had many more nominations for the programming awards this session, which is a testament to the hard work you all did putting on fun and informative events for your residents.

Congratulations to the following award winners:

Bulletin Boards:

Joanna Cullen (Ytterboe) - 20 Ways to Love Your Body
Scott Grandt & Erik Akervik (Kildahl) - I Saw You on Facebook
Althea Allen (Rand) - Arctic Adaptations
Kate Helmich (Mohn) - The 6 New Food Groups
Micah Marty (Mellby) - The History of Moats

Hilleboe RAs (Nick, Gage and Grace) - Hilleboe Pancake Breakfast
Carrie Stillman (Ytterboe) - Gluten-Free Baking
Carrie Heiberg & Erin Shishilla (Ellingson) - Spray Paint T-Shirts
Anne Steeves (Hoyme) - Hoyme Girls' Night (with Alumni Guests)

All Hall Programs:
Katie Wisdom & Laura Kauffman (Kildahl) - JC Jeopardy
Thorson RAs (Stephen, Taylor, Pa Houa, Emily & Aline) - Veteran's Day Party
Katelyn Wright, Sarah Johnson & Brian Thompson (and Hill Kitt staff) - Hill Kitt No Sit All Night Party Right Techno Rave

All award winners received a certificate at the Res Life Holiday Party on Tuesday night. We'll announce the Session 3 Programming Awards during interim!

Good luck with finals!